Our Employees

Horizon’s orientation for new employees is fundamental to our ability to provide quality service. Our orientation program provides new employees with information about Horizon, our client and the expectations of both your organization and ours. It provides a foundation for positive employee morale and performance.

The Following are the topics used in the orientation program:

  • History of Horizon Maintenance Services
  • Overview of the client
  • Explanation of services provided by Horizon to the client
  • Horizon Policy and procedures
  • work rules
  • Employee benefits
  • Performance review schedule
  • Payroll procedures
  • Work Schedules
  • Uniforms
  • Question and answer period
  • Tour of Areas of Responsibilities


Training of of our custodial/maintenance staff is one of Horizon Maintenance Services great prides. We take great care that only properly trained people are involved in the maintenance of your property.

Community Supervisors regularly attend classes provided by Horizon Maintenance Services. In addition, all supervisors are educated in the areas of cleaning techniques, training others, communications, personnel management and leadership.
Supervisors are in turn responsible for the training of custodial personnel. The custodians are not only taught the latest in cleaning methods, but also to take real pride in their workmanship.